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Tibetan pendant with rope
Tibetan pendant (front)
Tibetan pendant (back)
Copper Tibetan pendant: front (middle), back (bottom)

Buddhist Bracelet
Buddhist Aventurine Necklace

Tiger Tooth Pendant
Tiger Tooth Pendant (Soap Stone)

Dinosaur Pendant
Dinosaur Pendant, Sterling Silver

jade Pendant
Jade Pendant

Zoisite Pendant
Sterling Silver Zoisite Pendant

Pewter Crosses
Pewter cross pendants - Botonnée (left) & Alsatian (right) styles
Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; ..." (John 14:6).
The left cross is designed as a wooden cross at the intersection of roads;
the ends of the roads are marked by a slightly heart-shaped arrow.

Wood Cross Pendant
Wood Cross Pendant

Budgie Pendant
Sterling Silver Budgerigar Medallion Pendant

Gold Foil Pendant
Gold Foil Pendant

Fish Amber Pendant
Fish Amber Pendant


Cross by Dali
The Gold Cube Cross, Salvador Dali
Collection of Sculptured Jewels by Salvador Dali, Owen Cheatham Foundation
(Sketch by Gordon Li, 2004/4/24)

FR necklace
17th-18th Century French necklace

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