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Redwood Carvings (Qing Dynasty)

Iron-legged Fairy Tiger-tamer Fairy Longevity Fairy


Desert Ironwood Carvings

Desert ironwood (Olneya tesota) is one of the heaviest wood with very dense and beautiful wood grains. The slow-growing tree grows to 6-10 m (20-30 ft) height with a 0.5-0.6 m (1-2 ft) diameter in south western Arizona, USA. The tree is protected and only fallen pieces of the wood be harvested.
swordfish turtle
Swordfish Turtle
tropical fish, front
tropical fish, back
Ocean fish, front view (top), back view (bottom)
weight: 3 kg/7 lbs; length:37.4 cm/14-5/8"; height: 20.8 cm/9", width: 9cm/5.3"


Other Wood Carvings

dolphin with stand dolphin=
Dolphin 1 Dolphin 2
elelphant bear
Bear Cub Elephant /th>

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