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Largest land predators in the world. Ranges: Russia to Alaska, Canada to Greenland & onto Norway's Svalbard archipelago. Population: 20,000 to 25,000; 60% in Canada.

Weight: 300-600kg (male), 150-300kg (female)
Height: 2.4-3 m
Gestation Period: 8 months
Life Span: 25-30 years in the wild
(43, living oldest captive in N.America)
Habitat: Sea ice, island, northern coastline

Status: Potentially threatened; hunting still permitted.
Polar Bear (Thalarctos maritimus) Toronto Zoo (Canada), July 2007
Grizzly Bear
National Zoo (USA), 1986
Polar Bear
Toronto Zoo, July 2007
Current range: From Alaska & Western Canada to northwestern United States. Population: 30,000 in Alaska, 22,000 in Canada; less than 1,000 in the lower states of United States.

Weight: 180-680 kg; male 1.8 times heavier than the female
Height: 2.44 m
Gestation Period: 8 months
Life Span: 30 years
Habitat: Grassland; wooded areas around rivers and streams

Status: Protected; hunting permitted in Alaska and Canada; delisted from protection in the Yellowstone Park.
Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) Toronto Zoo, July 2007

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National Zoo, 1977 Hong Kong Botanical Zoo, 1988
Colour: tawny yellow to reddish brown & black. The black variety known as Black Panther. Just smaller than the lion. The strongest bite in the cat family. Large head and stock forelimbs to tell from a leopard. Distrubuted in central and south America.

Weight: 70-120 kg (male); 10-20% smaller (female)
Gestation Period: 93-105 days
Life Span: 12-16 years (23 in captivity)
Habitat: Dense rain forest; tropical, subtropical & dry deciduous forests.

Status: Near threatened
Jaguar (Pathera onca) Hong Kong Botanical Zoo, 1988

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Originated from the central plains of North America 40 million years ago; dispersed to South America 3 million years ago. Now extinct in North America after the last ice age.

Gestation Period: 350 days
Life Span: 15-25 years

Status: Not protected. Used as pack animals, pets, and farm animals.
Llama (Lama glama) Toronto Zoo, July 2007
The 2-humped camel differing from the one-humped dromedary. Distributed from the central Asia to Mongolia and northern China.

Shoulder Height: 1.8-2.4 m
Gestation Period: 12-14 months
Life Span: 50 years
Habitat: Deserts, Gobi steppe

Status: Endangered in the wild; common in domestic herds.
Bactrian Camel (Camelus bactrianus) Toronto Zoo, July 2007
Also called Przewalski's Horse; the last living primitive breed; discovered by Colonel Przeswalski in Mongolia in 1879. Features: Upright mane, little forelock, long black tail, thin dorsal stripe at the back, black lower legs -sometimes with zebra markings. Re-introduced to Mongolia by a Dutch foundation in 1982. Now found in zoos and reserves in Poland and other countries.

Shoulder Height: 1.1-1.4 m
Habitat: Originally - steppes; later - stony, sandy soil with shrubs

Status: Extinct in the wild; population: about 700.
Asian Wild Horse (Equus przewalskii) Toronto Zoo, July 2007

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