VANGELIS Conquest of Paradise

New Albums & Pages
Sep 2019: Sunrise & Sunset(32 photos)
Sep 2019: Air Show 2019(26 photos)
Aug 2019: Weeds (22 photos)
May 2018: Desert Plants(39 photos)
Mar 2018: Extinction of Cactus (page w/video)
Page:   Nature (7/2018)
Page:   Edible Weeds - Motherwort (7/2017)
Page:   Berlin Wall _ Tear Down This Wall (4/2017)
Album:   Oil Paintings (31/8/2019, 2 new pictures)
Album:   Wood (10/2018,added 2 pictures)
Album:   Flowers (5/2018 new pictures)

Earth Song by Amadeus Electric Quartet(videoed in Romania)
"Believe one who knows:     
you will find something greater     
in woods than in books.     
Trees and stones will teach you that     
which you can never learn from masters."     
St. Bernard of Clairvaux     

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